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Let's Talk Dock!

Welcome to the Pure Harbor Blog!

by pureharbor pureharbor on 03/10/19

If there is any questions you are wanting answered before the 2019 season starts, please ask away!

Welcome to the Pure Harbor Blog!

by pureharbor pureharbor on 09/06/18

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the new Pure Harbor "Lets Talk Dock" Blog.  This blog was created to help navigate our dock friends/clients through any Dock & Hoist questions they may have.
Many questions come about in the waterfront world.  Are the water levels high?  How deep should my hoist be?  Maybe you just want to tell someone about your new boat!  ;)  What ever it is.  We want to hear about it!   "Lets Talk Dock" W/ Pure Harbor Dock & Boat.

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